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Food processing belts

YongLi has always been focused on increasing hygiene standards within the food industry. Strict production process control and Quality checks ensure that our products can be used under high environmental requirements.

Our conveyor belt products for food industry include:

Polyvinyl chloride (PVC) FDA grade belt,Polyurethane (PU) belt,Polyethylene (PE) belt,Thermoplastic polyester(Hytrel) belt,Silicone belt

We provide various different kinds of belts which must be suitable for your application, such as Bakery and Cookie, Vegetable and Fruits, Poultry and Seafood and Confectionery etc.

By continuous improvements and non-stop research, YongLi food processing belts are accepted by more and more customers and become reliable, high quality products.


Baked goods

YongLi has a wide range of conveyor belts, which are made of different kinds of materials.

Our PVC FDA series belts comply with all regulations(e.g.2002/72/EC) and are used in the packaged goods transfer process. It has a good resistance to fat and oil.

Our PU belts are widely used in the manufacturing process of Biscuit, Flatbread, Puff pastry, Potato chips and other expanded salty snacks.

With the rapid development of the bakery process machinery industry,the applications of conveyor belt are much wider than ever before. YongLi products support the processes of: cooling conveying, dough loader, moulder, rotary cutter, inclined/declined conveying, inspection line, metal detector line and check weighing.



YongLi products have good release properties even for sticky goods, reliable positioning of products on the belt, high longitudinal flexibility to work under small pulley diameters, good anti-abrasion, chemical and oil resistance.

We offer solutions for different manufacturing processes, such as cooling tunnels, metal detecting, general conveying, inclined conveying, lifting, packaging and weight checking.

YongLi also provides different fabricated belts for special conveying requirements for this industry, such as sidewall, cleats and guideropes which are made of PVC food grade or PU. For further information and know-how for these fabricated belts, please contact our salesman.


Meat and Poultry

Conveyor Belts are standard products widely used in the meat and poultry industry.

YongLi has always devoted itself to provide extensive solutions which allow our customers to choose the best product for their application.

Blue does not occur in natural foodstuffs. So, our Blue PVC FDA belt and Blue PU belt are widely used here, they are more recognizable from the traditional white belt and are suitable for both human vision checking and optical sorters.

By non-stop efforts and improvements, YongLi would like  to provide our customers with the most suitable products whatever applications: slaughtering, cutting, deboning, weighing, grading, portioning, shrinkwrapping, labelling or packaging


Fruit and Vegetables

During the processing and conveying, stability and high efficiency are extremely important. YongLi provides PVC and PU belt with different kinds of auxiliary parts, such as Cleats, Guideropes, Sidewalls etc.

To maximize the productivity, we concentrate to improve the belt quality to meet the special requirements of this industry. Low elongation in longitudinal direction in moist environments, good resistance to fruit and vegetable acids(carotene, citric acid, Malic Acid etc) and fruit and vegetable alkali (Theophylline, Bean alkali etc)


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